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How Security Systems Work

Typically, security systems come in two varieties: wired or wireless. Wired security systems are the more expensive of the two to install because they require wires to run through the entire house. While wired systems do run through a house’s electric system, there should not be an incredible increase on the electric bill, unless the homeowner has requested the addition of security lighting. By comparison, wireless home security systems are often less costly upfront to install. They usually have battery-powered transmitters that send a signal to the main system. While this makes them cheaper to install, the homeowner must keep up battery maintenance (i.e. ensuring batteries have a charge) or they will be less reliable. Wireless security systems also make it possible for home renters to take the system with them if they move.

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When you want to do everything you can to safeguard your loved ones, your home and your treasured possessions, you owe it to yourself and your family to talk to us about our continuous 24/7 protection.

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While a security system is an optional and often reluctant expense for homeowners, further understanding of the benefits proves installing a system to be a worthy investment. Notable benefits of a home security system include the prevention of intruder invasion, added protection from smoke and fire, and home insurance discounts.



Deter potential intruders

When preparing to break into a home, burglars always look for the easy target. Simply having a security system decreases the likelihood of a home break-in because a security system would require a burglar to spend too much time and effort to get into a residence; thus, increasing their likelihood of apprehension.


Protection from smoke and fire

Home security systems do not just protect the home from burglary. They also alert homeowners and the authorities to other household dangers. Most security systems also detect smoke and fire. With the addition of smoke and fire detection, home security systems offer homeowners total peace of mind whether they are home or away




Discounted Policy Rates

Not only does owning a home security system lower the chances of break-in and damage from smoke and fire, but also most home insurance companies will lower the homeowner’s policy rates for having a security system. Insurance companies do this because it lowers the chances that homeowners will have to pay out on the policy. In other words, the homeowner becomes less of a risk to the insurer.


Extra Security with Customizable Options

Aside from the basics, home security systems also offer numerous customizable extras to offer their customers even more protection. Available extras include home automation (with remote access), medical alert, fire and/or carbon monoxide protection, and energy management. Home automation allows the homeowner to access and control their home security system from their computer, tablet and/or smartphone. This not only allows for ease of use, but it also gives homeowners the peace of mind to be able to check on their system and/or their home while away from home. Security companies that offer home automation often allow homeowners to combine all of the most common features into their plan. Medical alert protection (typically used for seniors living alone) helps ensure that people with a medical condition have 24/7 access to safety personnel—even if they are unable to make a call themselves. Most home security systems come standard with fire and smoke detection and even more companies are now adding carbon monoxide detection. These services will alert authorities in the event of fire and/or carbon monoxide detection. This is most helpful when/if homeowners are sleeping. Adding energy management to a home security package allows homeowners to use their smartphone, computer or tablet to adjust multiple household settings while away from home. This ranges from adjusting the thermostat to turning off a forgotten coffee maker.

Research Can Result in Savings

To say that there are many home security systems on the market is an understatement. With all of the options for potential buyers, it is important for them to do some homework before making a final decision. While an expensive system may seem like the perfect option, be cautious. Just because a system is expensive does not automatically mean it will be higher quality; likewise, a low-cost system does not necessarily mean that your home will be at risk. Only by doing comparison-shopping— that compares services from multiple companies—can a buyer find the best option for their home. Before deciding on a home security system company, it is a good idea to check reputable consumer resources (such as the Better Business Bureau) to get reviews from other customers who already have security services. In addition, be wary of salespeople who use intimidation and/or pressuring tactics to land a sale. Security company representatives who cannot explain their services in-depth are also companies to avoid. Protecting yourself and your loved ones with a security system is one of the most important decisions for your home. At 123Security, we understand the value of a piece of mind and have knowledgeable employees who will strive to find the best solution to protect your home. For more information, fill out our online form with your pertinent information or call 855-926-6386 and one of our representatives will help you find the system your home needs.

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